The Cargoful team

Let us introduce you the Cargoful team. Cargoful is born from a group of engineers (ouch) who are passionate about the world of logistics and freight transport. We decided to start this adventure in Italy with the hope of making this sector grow and bring it on top of Europe.

Are we dreaming? Maybe.

Filippo Tamburini

Hydroponics geek
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Erica Pezzica

She cooks only desserts
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Cosmo Valentino

Converted Management Engineer
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Our values


We work to bring the most innovative solutions to our customers and put technology at the service of society.


We strongly believe that mutual support leads us to results that are better than the ones we would achieve individually.

Growth mindset

We look for challenges that make us grow personally and professionally and we face problems with a forward-looking sight.

Work with us

Why Cargoful?

  • Take part in an exciting project in its early stage and watch it grow

  • Experiment with different roles and responsibilities, test yourself in the real world and see how far you can go

  • Work in a dynamic and young environment, with people from different backgrounds and experiences

Who is the typical cargofuller?

  • You think it is better "done" than "perfect". But you absolutely agree that there is no value in something not perfectlydone

  • You are looking for responsibility and ownership

  • You are not afraid to work independently, spend time solving problems that are often difficult to tackle and you are always ready for the next challenge

Sounds familiar?

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The digital partner of small and medium-sized trucking companies
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Cargoful Srl
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